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Solar Panels in Florida: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: November 21, 2019

Is Solar Energy Cheaper?

Installing solar panels in home is the cheapest because the utility company increases the bill annually. Think that in 2016 a home in Florida that paid $91 to FPL has to pay now $103 in 2019. So, in only 3 years the increment was $12 for one bill less than $100. Now, if you paid $200 or $250, in only 3 years the utility company increased your bill from $24 to $30. Instead, with solar panels in home the charge never increases annually, and when you finish the payment of the installation the energy is 100% free.

So, when somebody complains or mocks about the cost of installing solar panels, maybe could be right... only if forgets to compare the cost of solar Vs. the cost of the utility company charges you for all your life. Because comparing both prices it is you who will laugh of happiness realizing the thousand of dollars you will save. The formula is this: Solar panels are cheaper, and even the cheapest in the market energy, compared to paying your electricity to the utility company.

Think that for a home that pays around $ 200 monthly, a solar panels system could cost around $ 33,000. Instead, if you pay to the utility company $ 200 per month, in 10 years you will have paid $ 33,500 and still have to pay no matter how much is the rate and increment. Of course the big benefit is in the medium term, and the biggest financial benefits in the long term.

To calculate if solar energy is cheaper than paying to the utility company, compare this: Paying $ 200 monthly with annual increments of 6% means that in 25 years you will have paid $ 140,000. It’s not only the increment because the inflation, but because electricity comes from fossil fuels, and in Florida it depends almost entirely from gas. Fossil fuels are non renewable resource, so it tends to scarce, while energy is something that tends to increase. We are 6,000 million people and we will be more than 7,000 million in a pair of decades, with more people demanding more energy. With less sources to supply more demand makes these resources more expensive. Imagine how much will cost in 10 years the cost of the electricity when there are a lot of demand for gas and coal, and when for environmental reasons it has to be limited. A explosion in the price.

Only very important suggestion when you buy your solar panels system: Get the 100% of energy you need and never less than 80%. If you install less than 80% of the capacity you require, you will continue paying -thought small portion- to the utility company, but so there is not the same big business.

This is the reason because solar energy is the cheapest in the medium and long term, and the opportunity to save that money in the college of your kids or in another house.

Why FPL Doesn't Like Solar Energy?

Because when somebody installs solar panels in his or her home, immediately FPL will stop of charging that customer monthly. Simple, FPL will lose one client that has paid for years and was going to pay for ever. That is because everybody that pays electricity to the utility company is renting energy. Instead, when a home install its own solar panels, it becomes an owner. The family is the owner of its energy.

In general, a person doesn’t rent a car, people buy their own cars. Unless the person is in a trip or tour. If you rent a car you multiple the cost you pay for transportation. If you take taxi, Uber or Lift everyday, the cost you pay for transportation will be extremely higher than if you pay your own car.

Most of the people prefer own their house instead of renting their houses. That is because when you rent a property you will pay many times more the cost you would pay for buying.

The same logic apply for any good or product. Renting is much more expensive than buying. Somebody gets a revenue for the product you rent. If you own the product you avoid or save that charge, and the money remains in your pocket.

FPL doesn't want to see homes owning its own energy because that is a customer that used to rent energy for the rest of its life. Sorry Big Brother, but times change.

Use the money you save in electricity to pay the college of your kids

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