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Save Money.
Stop Contamination.
Protect Florida's Future!

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Zero Contamination

30% Subsidy in cash

$0 in electricity

Why to rent energy if you can get your own?

The state of Florida only gets 1% of its energy necessities from solar panels. California, the fifth biggest economy in the world, is obtaining around 22% of its energy from solar.

Solar energy is here to stay and save millions of dollars to the people of Florida while saving our economy from the global warming disaster. Yes, it is the cheapest and the only solution to save our future.

Make the switch to solar in 3 easy steps

1. Consultation

Talk to one of our specialists and discuss your currently energy consumption.

2. Design

We'll take an screenshot of your roof to show you the recommended design for your house.

3. Installation

Start producing your own energy and say bye bye for ever to your horrible utility bill.
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Getting solar is getting love

Get the cheapest electricity in your house

If the electricity bill is a headache for you, instead of paying electricity to FPL use that money for the college of your kids.

Stop global warming and contamination on Earth

The sunlight has an oustanding power, it’s free, and until today, as we know, there is not “sun outage”or “sun blackout.”

Revive the American economy with well paid jobs

No matter what is your area of business, all the money here surrounds around tourism. We have to push fast the change to solar energy in South Florida.

Use the money you save in electricity to pay the college of your kids

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